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Using AI To Detect Emotions In Text

Dear Machine Learning, help me to know thy users and detect how they feel. The advancement of artificial intelligence has opened new doors into the ways that we use computers to help us detect and categorize online opinions. Now that we are equipped with such valuable tools we need to better understand their design so that we can make use of them. One particular use of machine intelligence that is quickly gaining traction is sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining ...

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people in a crowded crosswalk
How To Improve Your UX Portfolio Through User Research

For UX designers and user researchers, the importance of a solid online portfolio is well understood. The portfolio often stands as the first thing your potential employer will see. That first impression can make or break your chances of getting the job. To win the hearts and minds of the portfolio reviewer you need to think carefully about how you present yourself There are many things to consider in the construction of a portfolio like what projects to show, how many projects to show ...

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